Project Cargo Handling

The opening up of Iran and the need of  updating its infrastructures i.e.  Ports, Roads, Rails, Airports and many other areas, will increase the importation of many project cargoes.

The previous experiences and the new positive signs  do confirm the fact  that  Iran will be the best transit route for Project Cargoes destined to the  CIS Countries, Afghanistan and the countries along the New Silk Road.


As a company we are proud to  draw on  our  experience and performance of handling  many project cargoes destined to the CIS  countries  over the past many years and strongly  believe  having access to our affiliated transport company’s assets as well as additional  right transport timely and our in house customs clearing  department,   are in  the best position to handle all types of project cargoes  for destination in  Iran or transit via Iran to various destinations in the CIS countries and Afghanistan.


In addition to handling project cargo we are highly experienced  and have proven  track record for handing Exhibition and Time Sensitive Cargoes

Please contact us for further information or quotation for your Project Cargoes and Exhibition shipments.