Port Information
Latitude / Longitude:  43.973° / 09.418°
Local Time: [UTC +3.5]
Un/locode: IR

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IR Country: Iran (IR)                                                                                   updated 2018

Anchoring Geographical Position is 35, 47 N & 51, 3 E
Sarooj harbour complex plan calls for port facilities, prolonged jetty, office buildings, ship yards, warehouses, open stores, and hostel accommodations. The API jetty is designed for bulk export and is equipped with ship loader to expedite loading operation. This jetty is located at the shore of the Persian Gulf deepest water, at equidistance from Dubai and Kuwait or from Bandar Abbass and port Imam Khomeini. Sarooj Jetty final stage enjoys 18 meters berth depth to receive PANAMAX class of bulk carriers.
Sarooj Jetty/Kangan is under Assaluyeh port authorities jurisdiction at present.
Capacity of Berth
1st Berth               50000 mts
2nd Berth              5000 mts ( 15000 mts dwt barges berth at this Berth), loading with Ramp and
                              Dump truck
–        Max. Ship Loader Loading rate     1500 mts per hour
–        Acutal loading rate working 24hrs = 8000-10000 mts per day
–        Max Draft                                          18 mtr
–        Type of Berth                                   Dolphin
–        Length of Berth                                220 mtr
–        Max. Vsl. DWT                                 50000 mtr