Port Information
Latitude / Longitude:  25.897° / 54.5545°
Local Time: [UTC +3.5]
Un/locode: IRSXI

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IR Country: Iran (IR)                                                                                   updated 2018

The Sirri Island is situated 76 km from Bandare Lengeh and 50 km eastern Abu Musa island, in the Persian Gulf. This island is one of six islands in the Abu Musâ Island Group (Hormozgân province) in Iran. It covers an area of 17.3 sq kms. The highest point on the island is 33m above the sea level. Like the other islands in the Persian Gulf enjoys a warm and humid climate.
APPROACH/ANCHORAGE : Vessels should be approached from the south, which is open and free of dangers. The approved anchorage area is 1.5 miles east of the lighthouse in depth of 60 m. Pilotage is compulsory and harbor pilot boards about 1.5 miles SE of the loading platform. On VHF channel 16 , master should advise his 72 h 48 h and 24 h ETA in advance of arrival .
JETTY Crude oil loading jetty situated at the south end of the island loading platform is equipped with three mooring buoys at each end, and has a depth alongside of 28 m. Vessels of up to 330000 tons dwt can be accommodated. Minimum L.O.A. 240 m, maximum 365 m. There are four loading arms and loading rates of maximum 15000 cbm/h can be achieved under favorable conditions.
Usually several ULCC’s are being used as storage vessels at the port.


Max DWT (MT)

Max Arr.Displ. (MT)

Max Draft (Meters)

LOA (Meters)

Loading Rate

Number of Arms


Height of the Manifolds Meters

3 mooring Buoys






60000 Barrel/Hr. with 2 Pumps

2×16”with Hydraulic Couplers for 16”



  • Clean ballast must be discharged concurrently.
  • Max pressure : 19.5 Bar
Range of Tide
The range of Tide is 1.5 m. Currents can run strongly at times making berthing difficult