Mohsen Jalalpour, speaking in a session of Iran-Turkey economic activists, said the proposal was aimed at expansion of security and profitability which is a prerequisite for moving in the direction of designing the structure for free trade between the two countries.

He said the fate of Iran and Turkey are intertwined and therefore they should build the future together, trust in each other and be high-minded.

Jalalpour further remarked that economic activists and businessmen in both the countries are deeply concerned about the trend of developments in the region, ethnic confrontations and attempts to separate brothers that are neighbors who are not in harmony either with the spirit of Islam or the rich humanistic culture of Iran and Turkey.

The First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri said on Saturday that a proper roadmap should be drawn for expansion of the Tehran-Ankara relations.

Addressing joint meeting of Iranian and Turkish traders, also attended by visiting Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Tehran on Saturday, Jahangiri said, “A suitable roadmap should be drawn up for expansion of Iran-Turkey relations so that volume of bilateral commercial and economic transactions will be upgraded to $30 billion a year in a short period of time.”

He hoped that the visit of Turkish prime minister to Iran will mark a turning point in relations between the two friendly, neighboring and brotherly countries of Iran and Turkey.

He said the seminar of Iranian and Turkish traders is a sign of importance the two sides attach to activity of the traders and the private sector. “The meeting shows that from now on the private sectors of the two countries will be main players in expansion of the two-way cooperation and relations.”

He went on to say Iran and Turkey are important, great and influential countries in the region. “Iran and Turkey hold good and growing relations and can have positive and constructive impact on destiny of the region, especially in a juncture that the world of Islam faces many problems. Tehran-Ankara cooperation can play an important role in settlement of the problems.”

He said Iran and Turkey should think of expanding bilateral ties and find a solution to regional problems and influencing the world of Islam.

Jahangiri also said that Iran and Turkey set the volume of transactions at 30 billion dollars a year. “Unfortunately, due to tyrannical sanctions on Iranian nation, volume of commercial transactions of the two countries was not upgraded as much as it should be and level of bilateral commercial relations has fallen compared to the past one or two years.”

He said complicated talks between Iran and the G5+1 state were fruitful finally and sanctions against Iranian economy were eliminated and in along the way, friends including Turkey, sided with Iran during the difficult days of sanctions.

“We are aware of the influential role of Turkey during the talks and sanctions and we have always been thankful for the constructive role.”

Also referring to exceptional geographical status, young and educated population, diversified natural resources such as oil and gas, as well as large population and industrial background of Iran, he said Iran has much talent for playing a role in international economic and various projects undertaken by different ministries, including Ministry of Petroleum, are ready to be offered to foreign investors, including Turkish investors.

He said the capacities and needs of Iran today, “drive us to the direction to look for reliable partners worldwide and in this connection, Turkey is given special priority, for investment in Iran.”

He invited Turkish entrepreneurs to be present in Iran and play a role and said the investment is not just for presence in Iranian market, rather they can through this way find way to markets of the neighboring countries.

Also referring to his talks with Turkish prime minister and Iranian and Turkish ministers this morning, Jahangiri said good accords were reached between the two countries and they had made good decisions in various domains, including oil and gas, customs, banking and tourism cooperation.

He also urged Turkish tourists to travel to Iran and said Tehran wants Turkish financiers to invest in tourism in Iran and build hotels and be active in other tourism infrastructures.

Jahangiri said Iran and Turkey should enjoy free zones. “This is an absolute necessity but careful planning should be made so that industrialists and economic activists of the two countries will not suffer. The preferential tariffs should be made actual and their results are mutual investment in the either country.”

Turkish prime minister said that fortunately Iranian and Turkish governments are supported by their parliaments and can meet their plans while overcoming the barriers.

Calling the post-sanction era the golden age, Davutoglu said that with lifting of sanctions, Iran can be economically active so freely.

He said his talks and meetings with Iranians followed a goal and were helpful and said, “Both countries enjoy high political determination for expansion of relations and we should know that if we want to enter a new domain, the economies of the two countries should be complementary to each other.”

He said Iran and Turkey have given priority to expansion of relations with each other and they have shown the policy in their performance.

“We should link economies of the two countries and the private sectors of the two sides should have positive activity so that their measures are fruitful in line with mutual interests.”

The Turkish premier said the structure of Iranian and Turkish economies are like a puzzle that should complete each other.

He then called for expansion of customs relations, joint investment and forming common markets through expansion of banking cooperation and using their national currency in transactions.

“Turkey used to oppose sanctions on Iran and sided the country during sanctions. Now in the post-sanctions era Iran will leave drastic impact on the world markets and today we are witnessing that the countries preventing Turkey to have ties with Iran are they sending delegations to Iran to expand relations with it.”

He said Iran enjoys rich energy resources and Turkey, as a big energy consumer, can have energy transit. These all can serve as parts of grounds for cooperation and expansion of bilateral relations.

He also said that certain media try to portray Turkey as unsafe for tourists but it has good security and can host tourists. “I love Iran and believe that Iran is a hidden treasure in tourism industry.”

He hoped that prospects of Iran-Turkey relations will be bright and in light of the good relations, peace and friendship will dominate the region.

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