Trilateral Trades Promotion Conference between Iran, Afghanistan and India

In a gathering of Iranian and Afghan executives and investors, along the visit of the Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan Government, the Managing Director of the Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) stated: “The significance of trades through Chabahar Port is vividly recognized by regional merchants, and the Iranian Government has focused its mass policies on developing that area. In this respect, one of the crucial approaches to promoting the eastern parts of the country concentrates on developing Mokran Coasts.”

He defined Chabahar Port as a favorable environment for cargo storage at the regional level, and elaborated: “This southeastern port is not only vital for Iran, but also plays a prominent role for Central Asian countries.”

Mr. Mohammad Saeednejad continued that joint agreements had been concluded between Iran and India for the development of Chabahar Port, and some 85 million US Dollars had been considered to be invested by the Indian Side in the mentioned port.

He pointed to a projected investment of some 400 million US Dollars in developing that area, from the resources of the National Development Fund, and clarified: “Relevant plans in this area also include a tripartite conference to be held between Iran, Afghanistan and India for promoting commercial transactions, and concluding agreements in this respect.”

PMO’s Managing Director concluded: “The Iranian Government has dedicated some 400 million US Dollars to be invested in Chabahar Port, and we hope to apply that funding to facilitate expansion of economic activities with our neighboring States.


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