In a meeting with the Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development, the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs announced: “Denmark accounts for 10 percent of global transport, and also pioneers in constructing and equipping large and advanced ports around the world.

With the removal of sanctions against Iran, we have numerous services to offer this country, which first requires the commercial ties to be strengthened between the two States.”

He pointed to the extensive experience of his country in regard to multimodal transport, and elaborated: “After meeting with the Iranian President and the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, I perceived the dedication and enthusiasm of the Iranian Administration for economic reforms.”

Mr. Kristian Jensen continued by mentioning the fruitful cooperation of embassies of the two countries to serve as centers for promoting bilateral ties, and mentioned the investment of Mearsk Line in Bandar Abbas as one field of cooperation between Iran and Denmark.


Significant Transit Role of Iran in the Region

In this meeting also attended by Mr. Mohammad Saeednejad, the Managing Director of the Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO), the Iranian Minister highlighted the coordinating role of Iran for regional maritime transport, and the unique geographical conditions of this country in connecting west to east, as well as China and Eastern Asia to Europe.

He continued that the Islamic Republic of Iran was prepared to transit the cargos exported by European countries to Central Asia and the southern littoral States of the Persian Gulf.

Dr. Abbas Akhoondi emphasized: “We are striving to build new relations with the world, and exploit the vast opportunities that exist for the bilateral cooperation of Iran and Denmark in regard to port development projects in Iranian sea ports.”

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