Customs of Iran , Russia agree to create customs green corridor Customs administrations of Iran and Russia agreed to create customs green corridor

Based on the report of the Public Relations office of Iran customs , this agreement which is the most important customs cooperation document between the two countries was signed during the meeting of Vladimir Malinin the first deputy head of Russian Customs with Masoud Karbasian the president of Iran Customs in Tehran.
The full content of the document will be released soon, but according to the agreement, Iran agreed to export agricultural products to Russia.
Based on the reports, Russian Customs will prioritize the clearance of Iran’s perishable agricultural products. Moreover, Iran’s agricultural products will be in the Russian customs green corridor and Iran’s customs is committed to send information and customs value of the goods to Russian Customs for rapid clearance of goods.
According to the agreement, Iran and Russia will also exchange data of other goods before importing them in order to make sure about the customs value of goods.
The two countries also agreed to translate the customs value of Iranian exported and imported goods into Russian, publishing them on the website of Iran’s customs so that exporters and importers know the values of Iran’s customs. Among other things, the two sides agreed to create a single trade window.
Iran and Russia will also develop transit which will be on road, rail and sea sections. The two customs also decided to develop rail route through Azerbaijan and expand sea transit via the ports of Astrakhan, Makhachkala, Olya, Astara, Anzali, Amirabad and Noshahr.
Based on the statement of Dr. Karbasian, the implementation of the agreement will increase the level of trade ties of the two countries by 10 times and 30 billion dollars will be predicted for executing joint project of the two countries.


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